Cut ground time with Trajctory’s visual inspection platform

Capture, inspect and assess imagery from routine inspections

Trajctory can quickly and easily identify potential risks in and around grounded aircraft. Through its historical analysis, Trajctory can accurately predict when aircraft maintenance will be required.

With no image stitching, Trajctory will unlock the GPS data from the captured image and present it on a custom 3D map providing you with high detailed inspection images.

Captured imagery provides a higher level of detail and better accuracy

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3D visualisation

With a customised 3D sketch you’ll know the precise location each image was captured and can relate this back to your physical asset.

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Image analysis

We pre-filter images so you can focus on issues that matter. Everything is always in one place, accessible at any time, anywhere.

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Device agnostic

By using any device, you can upload images captured from a UAV, Smartphone, Camera or Tablet. This will allow images from every angle to be uploaded, analysed and reviewed.

Enhance your image sharing

As soon as your imagery is loaded into the platform, you can share it with any personnel. With no stitching required, your images are ready for viewing anywhere in the world.

Trajctory provides you with the location of your image in relation to the 3D map so you know exactly where to look.

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